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  • New funky Billingham colour

    New funky Billingham colour

    My friends from Degreeff & Partner informed me that the Billingham Hadley Digital, Hadley Small and Hadley Pro will be available in selected stores in the colour Neon Red. Maybe not your cup of tea if you’re a street shooter, but for the hipsters that don’t like khaki, this might be good news. As you […]

  • More Billies!

    More Billies!

    Today I received three new Billingham bags for a review. The Dutch distributor Degreef&Partner liked my idea of reviewing the most popular Billingham bags so much, they decided to just send me a few. I’ll be busy in the few weeks. I already can tell you: that L2 is a pretty sweet bag. Very well […]

  • Meet the Billies

    Meet the Billies

    I have had quite a few photo bags in my life. In my SLR days, I had a number of Lowepro bags and I still have a few of them. When I started shooting weddings, I needed a bag that looked good and I bought a Billingham 335. Back then, Billingham was the only company […]