Q&A: Leica M8 as first rangefinder?

Today I received this email: “Hello, Joeri, I very pleased to have found your review of the Leica M8. I would very much appreciate your advice. I’m a relatively recent user of Leica and have upgrade the Q for a Q2.  I love the camera for all the usual reasons but for me there’s the […]

My Leica M8 is for sale!

Sometimes you have to let go of things you thought you’d never part with. However dramatic that sounds, I once had a Leica M8 that I used as a backup for my Leica M9. I sold it, after I bought a second M9-P (which I still have). After that, I started to miss the M8 […]

8 Reasons why you should buy a Leica M8

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s slightly less than 10 years ago that Leica produced their first digital rangefinder camera. By the time the M8 hit the shelves, many professional Leica users already made the switch to Canon or Nikon, just because their clients demanded digital files. So Leica was late. Very late. […]