Want to learn to focus faster and more accurately? The Leica M rangefinder camera can be regarded as a legend in the field of photography. Using it in real life can be a challenge however. Focussing is done all manually and many people lack the speed to keep up with things.

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In this e-book, documentary -wedding- photographer Joeri van der Kloet, presents a clear, step by step tutorial to increase your focussing performance. In 14 effective exercises you will improve your speed and accuracy in focussing.


I’m surprised to meet so many Leica shooters that have been working with a rangefinder for many years and still are so slow in achieving focus. Everybody says you should practice a lot, but most don’t know how to practice. I think that’s key, knowing which methods are best for improving your skills.

This is what readers have to say about this book:

Marc Johansson:

I never had the confidence to use my M9 in fast action. I always was too slow with focussing. Now at least I know how to train effectively and the tricks in the tutorial make focussing easier.”


Love the practical set-up of this tutorial! It is clearly written, with a lot of fun exercises which really made me experience the camera a lot better. Hopefully I will end up with the same documentary skills as Joeri (see also his own site luta.nl)”


I purchased this book and it’s really great. Not so much revolutionary but a good collection of common sense and exercises to get better and better. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve their rangefinder focusing skills.”


I’ve been shooting with a rangefinder for years now, but I never realized that better training is far more effective. Joeri has proven to master the rangefinder (just look at his wedding pics) and he knows how to work this thing. Small investment and really worth it.”


After reading the book I got enthusiastic and booked a workshop with Joeri. I should have done this years ago!”