What does a typical introduction workshop look like? Well, because my clients are usually not yet very familiar with the M-system, I always begin with explaining how the rangefinder and the menus work. I also show them the differences between film Leicas, the M9 and the M240. After a few espressos we head out and, depending on what my clients want to see, we visit The Hague, Delft, or walk around in my own neighbourhood.

During the workshop I make sure they develop a feel for the camera. So, I won’t focus too much on technical aspects and try to get people to squeeze more out of the camera, but I show them what you could do with it and if you want to get there, what it takes. Usually rangefinder first timers are fiddling with the focus, so we do a bit of focus training, but after that we’ll switch to zone focussing and look at composition and timing, instead of missing moments due to lack of focussing skills.

Hey Joeri, I just bought a used/new Leica M6/7/8/9/240. I love it and thanks again!

If needed, I point out interesting subjects. I show them how they can anticipate a shot, or how they can make a shot more interesting by recomposing or by using another exposure. Sometimes we walk around and see what happens, After that we might encounter an interesting situation and then wait for something to happen there.

After the walk, we head back and upload the pictures to a computer for some photo feedback. We check the focus, exposure, but also composition and timing. I explain how I select my photos and how I edit. After that we usually talk about buying a Leica. I give them my honest advice and in many cases I’ll get an email just a few days after the workshop: “Hey Joeri, I just bought a used/new Leica M6/7/8/9/240. I love it and thanks again!”

So know you know. Attending my introduction workshop can be a very expensive adventure…

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An interesting subject. Light falling through an abandoned office.


Time for a portrait. I give instructions: I’m the CEO and you’ve got five minutes to take your shot. Pick the right spot and play with the light.



L4978641 L4978647

Leica workshop

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