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  • Q&A: Billingham Hadley small vs L2

    Q&A: Billingham Hadley small vs L2

    Hello Joeri, I just finished reading your reviews on the Billingham Hadley small, L2 and 1.4. A breath of fresh air in the world of gear reviews. Very nice. I would really appreciate your thoughts on the best bag for my gear given your field experience: I shoot with 2 Leica M’s with lens mounted and carry 1 […]

  • The Billingham L2 review

    The Billingham L2 review

    I’m a big fan of the Hadley series and when I started looking for a compact bag that could fit one or two M bodies, a couple of lenses and some accessories, I never spent much time looking at the L2. Why? Well, I just thought it was the same bag as the Leica Combination […]