Billingham is on fire lately. With the increase in mirrorless camera systems Billingham has released a couple of new photo bags. I was happy to receive three new bags to give them a spin: the Hadley Large Pro, the Hadley Small Pro and the 72.

The Hadley Large Pro may not be the most interesting bag for M, T and CL shooters, but it could be interesting for S and SL shooters that shoot with big lenses. Also, I get many participants in my workshops who would like to have the ability to bring a 15″ Macbook in a photo bag. And for myself, that would be a reason to buy this bag: sometimes I visit clients with both a lot of photo gear and a laptop. With the Hadley Large Pro, you can fit all this in a stylish and sturdy bag.

The Hadley Small Pro is like the regular Small, but with a number of neat extra features. The top handle, which I think many Hadley Small users wish for, a detachable shoulder sling, a trolley strap, an extra pouch on the back and some other things.

Lastly, I received the 72. An interesting bag, that is so sturdy, it’s almost a hard-case bag. It seems to be tailor made for the M with a big lens. A Noctilux won’t fit, but by 24 Summilux fits perfectly. Very nice!

Stay tuned for detailed reviews of all bags.