A Leica Introduction workshop with Acarilia

A few weeks ago, Acarilia sent me an email with the request for an introduction workshop. She got interested in the Leica system after she ditched her big and heavy Nikon DSLR. She was also in doubt which M would be most suitable for her: the M8, M9 or M240. Since I have all three, […]

New: Leica Store Amsterdam!!

It was about time. I think my home country was one of the last European countries without an official Leica Store in the capital. But today, this will change. After the summer, we’ll be able to shop in the brand new Leica Store in Amsterdam. I’ll probably be seeing you in Amsterdam soon.  

Check out my Flipboard magazine

I’m a big fan of Flipboard. It’s a nice way to read interesting articles on mobile devices without having to zoom in, click and do other things that are impossible on your iPhone. I’ve been following a few Flipboard users, but now its time to create my own online magazine. If you like the content […]


I took this picture on July 1st 2014 in the back garden of our friends in Amsterdam. Susannah, mother of Arend, wanted some pictures of her two sons and the children of her day-care centre (very small, just a few kids, organic food, playing outside, lovely!). Just before we left on our canoeing trip through […]

Among ferns

We have seen a lot of fjell area in both Sweden and Norway: harsh, barren country where vegetation is limited to slow growing small plants. But here, on the Padjelantaleden we suddenly came across some kind of outburst of ferns. Lovely. Oh, and the Leica M9… the way the sensor renders colour and details. It […]

225 grams of tele sharpness

I’ve said it before, the Leica Tele-Elmarit 90/2.8, made in Canada, gets you a lot of tele sharpness in a tiny package with an even better weight: only 225 grams. While I lug my Noctilux to almost every wedding that I shot in the last year, on trips like these I truly appreciate the weight […]