Today in Featured: Marc Wick, maybe know to you from the LFI Gallery. I really love his portrait work. Enjoy!

1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer)

‘I always liked photography but unfortunately I did not always have the time which I wanted. I have tried many fields of photography e.g landscape, in the studio, portraits, street, analog, digital…. until I found the „right“ way for me. Since 2011 photography is a big part of my life. But I did not like the fast pace of digital photgraphy, the race for megapixel and in some cases, the perfect, clean look of digital photos. Two years ago I decided to shoot almost exclusively analog (except with the „old“ Monochrom) in 35mm or medium format and work as much as I can in my darkroom.’

2)How did you get into the Leica system?

‘I was always a fan of Leica rangefinder cameras but they were too expensive. Later I had a Nikon FE and then a F3 which worked perfect without any problems. But analog photography was on the skids and I rent a Leica M8 for the weekend. What a „bad“ idea: it was love on the first sight, the feeling when you press the shutter, the handiness of the body, the feeling of quality, the feel of the surface. I sold all of my Nikon gear and as fast as possible I found a preowned M8 and a 35mm Summarit which became my daily companion. And of course I made all the mistakes with a rangefinder which you do not know when you used a DSLR before: forgetting to focus because it is always sharp through the viewfinder, taking photos with my lens cap on the lens….But up to now I am addicted to this kind of cameras. And to be honest: are the photos better with a Leica? No, not at all, but I feel better when I take photos with a Leica. It ist he simplicity in comparison to the new megapixel  bolides. For a Leica you do not need a manual which is as thick as the telephone book of New York, it is so easy to use.’

3)Which cameras and lenses do you have?

‘Cameras: Leica M4, Leica M6, Leica Monochrom I, Plaubel Makina 67. Lenses: Zeiss 2.8/35, Leica preasph 1.4/35,  Leica APO Summicron 2.0/50, Leica Apo Summicron  2.0/90.

My daily companion on the streets is the M4 with the Zeiss 2.8/35 and a Tmax 400, for portraits I use the APO 50 and 90 also with a Tmax 400 or Tmax 3200.’

4)What kind of pictures do you take and why?

‘There are two things which I really like: street photography and portraits. I love the different approaches: On the one hand you have street photography. You start and you do not know at all what the day (or the night) will bring. Do I find good light, funny situations, interesting people, can I talk to them, ……….? Nothing is predictable. You have a scenery on the street and it is your goal to make it interesting, unique. Not easy at all. I have some days where I take maybe one or two photos as well as days where I shoot two rolls of film.’

‘On the other hand there is my addiction to portrait photography with available light. The shooting is prearranged as much as possible. I use a moodbook to discuss the shooting with the model in advance. But of course the shooting also needs spontaneity which you can not plan. I really admire the work of Sacha Leyendecker and had a huge benefit from his mentoring. He taught me first to look for the best light. This is half the battle. You can find most of my portrait photography on Instagram ( Especially for lovers of analog and Leica photography, you will find many inspiring photographers there.’