I reviewed this lens a couple of years ago and I really liked it. Last week I had the chance to buy it from The Analog Camera Store and I decided it was too good to let go. It’s not an everyday lens, but on the other hand, I might just leave it on my camera for a couple of weeks and see how that turns out.

Needless to say this is a lens that works best for the Leica SL, although with the right adapter it will also work on the M240 and M10. On the M240, you will have to take into account that there’s a bit of lag in the live view mode.

PS: I’ve become a little lazy lately. I’ve started to shoot in both Jpeg en RAW on two separate SD cards and I find myself more often using the regular jpegs with a bit of fine tuning in (I almost dare not to say it) Apple’s ‘Photo’s’ app. The differences between professional photo editing software and ‘consumer grade’ apps are getting smaller these days. If it’s just a quick pic for a non-paid thing, easy is great.