You don’t just buy a Leica. They are simply too expensive to do so. Before you decide to buy – or not to buy- it might be wise to try out the Leica M for yourself. Not just by firing of a few shots from a tripod, no, you’ll get to work with the M for a few hours in a real life environment. This is what you’ll get:

  • You’ll be able to try a Leica M9 for half a day yourself
  • We’ll explain everything you need to know about the menu and other functions
  • We’ll teach you how to focus, expose and compose
  • With a 35 summicron attached we’ll go out and test the camera in real life circumstances
  • Back home, we’ll upload the images and see what you can do with them in Lightroom

After the workshop you can make an informed decision whether you should buy a Leica M, or not. Second, you have learned something about documentary photography. Does the M make documentary photography easier, or maybe more rewarding, like so many people say?


295 Euro, including tax. The rent for the M is included.


In Nootdorp, the Netherlands.


Whenever you want. All workshops are one-on-one, unless requested otherwise.


You know the basics: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. You have worked in manual modes before.

Some shots taken during introduction workshops

Leica introduction workshopLeica shooter Joeri van der KloetLeica M workshop Leica M workshop Leica M Workshop Leica M Workshop Leica M Workshop

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