Category: Individual workshops

  • Night street photography workshop

    Night street photography workshop

    When the sun sets and the countryside turns completely dark, cities become interesting places with contrasting lights. In winter, we spend most of our ‘street time’ in the dark. So why wouldn’t we shoot in the dark? Yes, light is more challenging and completely different compared to regular daylight, but the dark opens up new […]

  • Leica customized teaching

    Leica customized teaching

    You’re the proud, but not so happy owner of a digital rangefinder. You bought the camera because you know Leica camera are the best, but you made better pictures with your iPhone. Actually, you don’t know where to start: you can’t get images in focus and shutter speed and aperture is unfamiliar to you. Don’t […]

  • Leica Masterclass

    Leica Masterclass

    You are the proud owner of a rangefinder camera and although you made some pretty good pictures, you think you can get more out of your camera. Focussing is not speedy enough and exposure isn’t always spot on either. This is what you’ll learn: Focussing quickly on static objects Focussing quickly on moving objects Using […]

  • Leica introduction workshop

    Leica introduction workshop

      You don’t just buy a Leica. They are simply too expensive to do so. Before you decide to buy – or not to buy- it might be wise to try out the Leica M for yourself. Not just by firing of a few shots from a tripod, no, you’ll get to work with the […]