When the sun sets and the countryside turns completely dark, cities become interesting places with contrasting lights. In winter, we spend most of our ‘street time’ in the dark. So why wouldn’t we shoot in the dark? Yes, light is more challenging and completely different compared to regular daylight, but the dark opens up new possibilities for photographers.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • Guestimating exposure
  • Tricks for focussing in the dark
  • Looking for interesting scenes
  • Editing your images in Lightroom


295 Euros, including tax. The rent for the M is included, if needed.


In Nootdorp, the Netherlands. From there we’ll go to Delft or The Hague.


From November 1st until February 15th. All workshops are one-on-one, unless requested otherwise.


You know the basics: ISO, shutter speed and aperture.


Leica workshop night photography

Leica M9 night

Leica workshop night photography

Delft with Leica Noctilux

Leica workshop night photography

Leica Masterclass