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  • It’s getting dark, too dark to see

    It’s getting dark, too dark to see

    Well, not really, but the days are already getting shorter. Not good for working out in the evenings on my road bike, but it won’t be long till we can start with night photography workshops again. So check it out, and be there in time.  

  • Night street photography workshop

    Night street photography workshop

    When the sun sets and the countryside turns completely dark, cities become interesting places with contrasting lights. In winter, we spend most of our ‘street time’ in the dark. So why wouldn’t we shoot in the dark? Yes, light is more challenging and completely different compared to regular daylight, but the dark opens up new […]

  • Happy new year to all!

    Happy new year to all!

    2014 has been a great year for me with lots of interesting workshops, the launch of my ebook and many weddings. Moreover, last year has been the year where I could share some inspiration with my readers and that’s exactly what I want to continue in 2015: more inspiration for photographers and more technique, gear […]