Old man with Leica

The old man and the hat

Prague, Chech Republic. Shot with Leica M9 with 28/2.8 Elmarit. Printed on 20 x 30 Fuji DP-2 Lustre. Limited to 5. 1 print available: 200 USD, excluding shipping.

Prague has a decent metro system and I am a big fan of escalators, since they often offer good photo opportunities. The escalators in Prague however are so fast, you’d best hold on with at least one hand. While going up in a station I don’t remember, I noticed and old man with a hat just a few meters behind me. I wanted to capture him with his dark clothes in front of the brighter background near the end of the escalator. I had my settings right and when I stepped from the escalator I focussed by feel and snapped one shot. While I took the shot I noticed the old man looking at me. I like the way the light falls on his face and how shadow and light create an interesting scene. I’m still not sure what the old man was thinking when he saw me taking the shot, but I just like it…