Leica M10-D

A quick look at the Leica M10-D

Today I had the pleasure to take a few shots with the brand new Leica M10-D at a workshop that I hosted for Leica Netherlands.

That the M10-D doesn’t have a screen is not really new in the Leica line-up (though I think it’s still quite special). The rewind lever that is not a rewind lever, is however, very new. How it feels? Very good actually. Quite like my M6 film camera feels. The nice thing about the lever is that you can either use it, or leave it be. Also, it’s easier to squeeze a camera in the last tight spot in your camera bag. Lastly, it looks just brilliant.

We played a bit with the Fotos app and the M10-D and we got it working. Chimping is not as easy as on a regular M camera, but if you need to check your image, you still can. For that, you can also use the Visoflex by the way.

I think this camera will sell pretty well.

Shot with the magnificent Leica M10-D and 50 cron

Shot with the magnificent Leica M10-D and 50 cron