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  • Featured #7: Martin Krystynek

    Featured #7: Martin Krystynek

    Today another great photographer that I noticed on the LFI gallery. He shoots Leica, Pentax and Sony. Enjoy! 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer) ‘I am self taught photographer. My professional career as a photographer starts in 2010, when I operated in South America, especially in Paraguay, where┬áI gained […]

  • The Leica Q review

    The Leica Q review

    Since there are enough in depth reviews of the Leica Q, I won’t do the same. I used the camera for a week and I’ll just discuss a few things that I liked and didn’t like about the Q. While for me usually the biggest test for a camera is its performace on a wedding, […]

  • Test driving, uhm, canoeing the Leica Q

    Test driving, uhm, canoeing the Leica Q

    Last saturday I did a lecture and workshop for Foto Verschoore in Breda. Leica Netherlands was there to facilitate the workshop with M cameras and a few X cameras. When I left, the Leica representative handed me a Q and asked ‘Care for a test drive?’ So that’s what I’m doing this week. Well, unfortunately […]

  • The new Leica Q?

    The new Leica Q?

    LaVidaLeica comes with an interesting news flash: they think the new Leica Q will be announced in a few days and will feature a full frame 24Mp sensor with a fixed 28/1.7 lens. While the discussion has started to heat up, I’ve heard many people saying this camera should have a 35mm lens instead. While […]