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Joeri van der Kloet is a former documentary -wedding- photographer. In 2003 he graduated in Cognitive Neuroscience and instead of continuing his career in science he chose to become a writer and photographer. He started taking pictures on his alpine climbs in the magnificent Alps in Europe and soon started to work for LIMITS, an independent magazine for climbers. When he was asked to shoot a wedding, he said: “Only if can I take the shots without interfering in reality.” In the following years, Joeri shot more than 200 weddings in a documentary and cinematic style.

With his background as neuroscientist, Joeri developed his own method for focussing a rangefinder camera. Motor learning – which shooting a RF is – requires proper training. Many students attended his workshops and ‘Work your Leica M’ was sold internationally to more than 2500 rangefinder users.

Joeri currently shoots corporate portraits with his Leica SL or Leica M and a 50mm Noctilux lens. In his spare time he is engaged in landscape photography. He re-found his passion for photography again in this genre.

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