Last week I received this email:

Hey Joeri!

I’ve been poking around your site for a couple years for now and your insights on the Leica CL have lead me to pick one up for myself back in late 2018.
I’m wondering if I can trouble you with a quick question, referencing this post you made a few years back?
  • Have you ever connected your Leica CL to a remote trigger system?
  • If so, any insights on what works and what to avoid?
I rely solely on natural lighting in my photography, but I’m curious to try out flash/strobe lighting. My thoughts are that I’ve bought the wrong camera system – I’m wondering if your experience proves otherwise.
Thanks very much!
Well, thanks for mailing! Yes, I have used the CL a couple of times with a remote trigger system. Whenever I use flash, I use my Broncolor Siros 800L system. One of the best self powered flash system you can get. Broncolor sells the Siros kits with two different kinds of transmitters: one that is brand specific for Canon and Nikon (maybe Sony too nowadays) and one that works with all systems. I have the last one and it’s a brilliant piece of technology. It simply always works. I can fire a test shot from the trigger, adjust the flash output and that’s it. Don’t need anything else.
Even though for most of my portrait assignments I bring the SL, I have used the CL in combination with the Siros too. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter. It works flawlessly on both systems. Head photo: Leica T (works too with the transmitter) with SL75. Great combination with the CL too.
Photo below: Leica CL with 35/1.4 TL.