One shot with the Leica Noctilux-M 75/1.25

Isn’t she gorgeous? I’m afraid I’ve just created an ‘alternative fact’, because this shot wasn’t taken with the new Nocti 75. No, I took it with an ordinary Nocti 50/0.95. Very bourgois indeed. Want to know which camera? Hmm, well, allright: the first version of the Leica T. Very, very unpractical in a setting like […]

The Leica T is here

While everybody is queuing up for the Leica CL, I just received this lovely Leica T from Leica Store Lisse for only 600 euro, including VAT. In the search for the smallest camera possible that is compatible with M-lenses, I came across the first T. When the Leica T was released, I never was really […]