Q&A: Leica M8 as first rangefinder?

Today I received this email: “Hello, Joeri, I very pleased to have found your review of the Leica M8. I would very much appreciate your advice. I’m a relatively recent user of Leica and have upgrade the Q for a Q2.  I love the camera for all the usual reasons but for me there’s the […]

My Leica M8 is for sale!

Sometimes you have to let go of things you thought you’d never part with. However dramatic that sounds, I once had a Leica M8 that I used as a backup for my Leica M9. I sold it, after I bought a second M9-P (which I still have). After that, I started to miss the M8 […]

Q&A: Lux or Cron?

Last week I received this mail: Hi Joeri, Considering switching to the M system I have bought your “Working your Leica M” book and have started exercising with a used Leica body and an old 50mm Summicron without a tab. From you experience would you recommend a lens with a lens tab for developing a […]

Featured #9: Andreas Jorns

I came across the work of Andreas Jorns and I was impressed with his studio work. He was kind enough to share his photo’s and story with us. 1) Can you tell a bit about your background (as a photographer) ‘Photography has been a hobby for many years as I had a job as banker […]