Leica battery

Taking care of your batteries

Taking care of your batteries? Excuse me? Yes, I’m not kidding. Batteries need to be taken care of. And even more so if they cost 120USD or more. I learnt my lesson when I tried to shoot with my Canon 5D2 after leaving it in a bag for months. I had to recharge the battery, but it didn’t work like it used to work. And when I bought my Leica M240 I knew my M9’s would get less action too. I bought sticky labels, cut them into tiny pieces and gave each battery a number. When I use one of the M9 cameras, I make sure all the batteries get as much use as I can. And after using, I charge them to full capacity, after which I let them ‘drain’ to 60% capacity. This is the best percentage to store your batteries for a longer time. It’s a very simple trick, but it will keep your batteries in condition.